About us

Stockholm-based former Uppsala student Markus Johansson first came across running in 2010. Two years later he completed his first Stockholm Marathon in 3:02 in windy conditions and five degrees Celsius. His talent for running was finely tuned along the streets of Stockholm, and ended up in him completing Marathon de Sables. Twice. Covering 250 kilometers over six days in the Moroccan Sahara, this race in one of the toughest races in the world.
In search of new adventures he came across the legendary running culture in the Kenyan highlands. He visited the town of Iten, “The Home of Champions” located 350 kilometers north west of Nairobi, with his then pregnant girlfriend. A decision was made, and one year later they found themselves spending six months of their parental leave in Africa. The small family quickly became a central part of the village, involving themselves in Iten Deaf School and other projects. Wanting to contribute to the community, Markus met with Toby Tanser, and they decided to develop the area around the Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital in Eldoret. Kenyan and Swedish music tradition will now meet in the Music House that is now being developed. Shoe4Africa Sweden was founded in the summer of 2016 as the first drawings of the building was taking shape.

Markus Johansson (1980) is the founder and chairman of Shoe4Africa Sweden. He got in touch with Shoe4Africa during his six month parental leave in Iten, Kenya, in 2015/2016. Markus has a Master of Science in Business from Uppsala University and is now working in the financial sector..

Contakt: markus@shoe4africa.se

Charlotte Eriksson (1981) has a Master of Science in Business from Uppsala University and has spent 10 years working with corporate communication for a global telecom company.

Contakt: charlotte@shoe4africa.se