The music house

With the purchase of the land where Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital was built, came a few other small buildings. One of these will now be refurbished, and transformed into a music house, where the children can find energy and joy. This project will be entirely funded by donations to Shoe4Africa Sweden. The house, with its 90 square meters, will get new roofing and a walkway to the main building.

Our first goal is to raise 200 000 SEK (€22 000) to cover the refurbishment, which will be completed late 2016/early 2017. Any funds that are left after completion, will go towards future maintenance and development of the project.



There are approximately 500 million children in Sub Saharan Africa, and one out of seven never get to see their sixth birthday. Until recently, there were only one public dedicated children’s hospital in Sub Saharan Africa. Thanks to Shoe4Africa there are now two. The construction of Shoe4Africa Children’s Hosptial began 31st december 2012 in Eldoret, regional capital of Rift Valley and its largest city with 200 000 inhabitants. The hospital was completed in 2013, and can house up to 105 children. In a few months, they will have their own place for music and joy.