We are very happy to announce that British charity ”Music For Kenya” is helping us to find instruments for our Music House in Eldoret. They are in particular looking for recorders, percussion instruments, ukuleles and toy roll out pianos, that they can bring on their next trip to Kenya in January 2017.

Music For Kenya was founded in April 2015 by Jessica Hall, with a vision to bring the joy of music into the lives of Kenyan people. They aim to inspire and share a love of music by providing life enhancing access to people who would otherwise not have an opportunity to experience live music.


”I was struck by how much joy could be brought into the lives of many children in Kenya through music, and became determined to make this a reality for them. Music has many benefits for children: it increases brain power, memory, social development in working with others towards a common goal, builds confidence, teaches patience and fosters creativity.”


We are very much looking forward to helping the recovery and rehabilitation of many children at Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital in Eldoret, and we thank Jessica for her wonderful contribution.